Remote Work and Managing Cybersecurity Risks During the Coronavirus Outbreak

For many cybercriminals, the outbreak of the COVID-19 or the Coronavirus is an opportunity to use the chaos to their advantage. As we know, almost the entire world switched to remote working and many IT companies have to be double-careful with their organizations’ cybersecurity. Even though we feel safe at home trying to flatten the curve, working from home can become a headache for many companies. 

Alongside the transition to teleworking, security teams should assess what risks need to be addressed. To get the job done, billions of people use conferencing softwares like Zoom, Skype or Hangouts and login into their work accounts from home. Many don’t have access to VPN services and they forget to, at least, change the passwords to assure some security. 

It’s absolutely critical to take stricter cybersecurity measures with the increased volume of remote workers. With the Coronavirus outbreak, the number of cyber threats and email fishing has doubled. 

Check the emails you get from your colleagues asking for internal information. Calls and emails can be faked. Everyone should be alert, use encrypted softwares and keep the backups of their data on safe clouds. Paying attention to basic security hygiene can go a long way since we don’t know how long the crisis stage of the Coronavirus is going to last.

Cyber attacks are the last thing we as a society need right now. The collective caution when it comes to using safe softwares to work and back up your data can help your company avoid costly incidents.

While protecting your physical health, you shouldn’t forget about your data security. We at Stingle Photos were and are working from home and 100% prepared to cope with the current situation with minimal business disruption. 

A few remote work cybersecurity tips

  • Among a dozen problems that we have to deal with during the Coronavirus outbreak, having your company’s data spread across your team’s personal iCloud or Google Drive accounts can become one of the biggest issues.

It makes sense to provide your team with trustworthy services to communicate and save their work-related files, video and audio material. Count on Stingle Photos. It’s an open-source photo and video gallery with encrypted cloud storage space where your team can save their media.

  • Provide a free VPN service for your team to have encrypted Internet traffic especially when connected to a public Wi-Fi network.
  • Functions like “remember password” for company information systems and work tools should be turned off.
  • Make sure your team implements two-factor authentication both on their mobile phones and laptops.

While trying to stay safe during the Coronavirus outbreak we should take all the measures to reduce the likelihood of cyberattacks, data leakage and errors. For what we know, this situation can entirely change the way we work and revolutionize modern work culture.