End-to-end encryption explained simple

What is end-to-end encryption

Nowadays you are constantly hearing the term End-to-end encryption. But what kind of a beast is that and how it differs from normal type of encryption? Today we’re going to answer that question and we are going to do it using very easy to understand analogies.

So, imagine you there is a very secure safe in a bank, it’s very safe and constructed from some alien metal that is impossible to cut, melt or explode. The safe also has a lock, which is again is impossible to break, melt, explode, etc, you need a key to open it.

Now you have stored your valuable things in the safe, what would you naturally do? You will take your key with you right? You will not leave it to the bank employee or some other person right? But this is what you are actually doing when using popular backup and sync services like Google Photos or Apple iCloud. Sure they keep your data encrypted on their servers, but they also hold the keys, that are needed to decrypt your data.

Anyway let’s get back to the end-to-end encryption. So you have locked your stuff in the safe and took a key with you. Nobody except you has the key to open the safe again, EVER! That’s the idea of end-to-end encryption, it’s that simple!

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Stingle Photos for IOS released!

Stingle Photos for IOS is finally available. You can download it from Apple App store and enjoy the same familiar experience and bulletproof security that Stingle Photos was offering on Android.

For those who are not familiar with Stingle Photos, it’s an open-source, end-to-end encrypted gallery and sync app that ensures security and privacy of your photos and videos while offering intuitive and easy to use interface, just like your ordinary gallery app.

Stingle Photos encrypts photos and videos as soon they are imported into Stingle Photos with bulletproof end-to-end encryption, so it protects your data both locally and in the cloud.

Also Stingle Photos offers convenient features like organizing your memories into albums and sharing, which is also protected by end-to-end encryption of course.

You may ask, why do I need another gallery app? Or what’s wrong with Apple’s iCloud security? The thing is, if you use Apple’s iCloud backup all your photos and videos are being sent to Apple servers in the clear, it means Apple employees, government or future hackers will be able to see all of the photos and videos that you have ever taken on your iPhone or iPad. How would you feel if one day all of your private moments will leak online?

That’s why you need to protect your data today, so you will not regret in the future. From day one Stingle Photos is designed in such a way that even if our servers would get hacked some day, hackers will not get any user data at all. That’s because we keep only encrypted data on our servers and we don’t have keys to decrypt it. We don’t have access to user data and so the others, like government or hackers! iCloud also uses encryption, but unlike Stingle, Apple holds the encryption keys, it means that they can decrypt and see the data in clear at any moment.

We are excited to present you Stingle Photos for IOS and we are excited to hear you thoughts and feedback.