Top Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Online Privacy and How Stingle Photos Can Keep Your Photos Safe

stingle photos safe cloud storage

The right to out data and photo privacy has been compromised by an unprecedented number of cyberattacks in 2019 and 2020. Billions of private photos were leaked exposing many celebrities, politicians and people like you and me. 

We often think we don’t need any apps to hide our pictures since we have nothing to hide. Yet, would you agree to show your bank transfers or post your ID on social media? Private photos must stay, well, private. 

  • In 2019, WhatsApp was hacked and spyware was installed on users’ phones
  • Dozens of celebrity nude photos were leaked from iCloud and Google Drive 
  • Sensitive plastic surgery photos and patients’ personal data was exposed online

Whether you are an influencer with thousands of followers or just a girl who saves her private photos for her boyfriend, you need to understand how essential it is to keep your data privacy. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should care about your online privacy

A fundamental human right

Whether you only have thousands of photos of your dog or you keep compromising photos on your phone, we have a right to online privacy. Only you should decide who can see your photos, videos, messages and work documents. 

Your reputation

We spend a lifetime building our reputation and public image. People perceive our personal brand based on the information we share. Yet, all this can be ruined in a matter of seconds. A leaked video of you taking part in a funny ceremony ban be interpreted in a wrong way, a photo where your colleague is kissing another man will reveal his sexual orientation without him being ready for that. The examples are many and the consequences can change lives.

We change over time

We grow and change our believes, ideas and opinions. A tweet you posted in 2018 does not reflect your current beliefs anymore. The photo where you enjoy a huge stake in 2015 shouldn’t be public for everyone to judge you since you are a vegan now. 

We have the right to change and we have the right to manage the information we share with the world. Even if it’s something innocent like your high school photos, you have to be able to keep those photos safe. 

It’s your career at stake

Who hasn’t applied for a job while still being employed? Who hasn’t sent an awkward photo of her manager to colleagues? Is it just me or you also take a screenshot of your conversation with your teammates and send those to your friend to ask for an opinion?

We do things that are not right but we also have the right to keep it to ourselves without risking our career and reputation. That’s the only way to grow as a professional. But once you are exposed you might have a hard time finding a job in your field since other companies will not want an employee like you. 

Stingle – Control over your photo and video privacy

Now, it’s time to seek a way to take care of your photo and video privacy. There are a number of photo vault apps trying to secure your photos but they only work if someone uses your phone and you set a password to make your photos and videos private. This still doesn’t protect you from leaks. Your data is still not encrypted and is stored on iCloud, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Stingle Photos offers an unprecedented solution to protect your media. It’s an open-source gallery/camera application designed to encrypt, back up and save your photos and videos safe on cloud storage.

Let’s dive deeper to understand how Stingle works. 

No ads

For those who are annoyed with targeted ads and endless pop-ups and announcements, Stingle is 100% ad-free. In addition to that, no personal information is collected and no analytics tools are installed to track you when you use the app or visit the website. 

1 GB of free storage

You can enjoy your 1 GB of free space to save your photos and videos. Once you run out of storage space, you can either free up space by deleting local copies of files that you have already backed up or upgrade up to 20 TB


Stingle Photos team believes that trust comes from openness and transparency, that’s why it’s open-source software, which means everyone can audit and review the codebase. We encourage you not to trust any security applications that fail to provide source code transparency. 

You can download Stingle Photos to protect your photo and video privacy from Google Play and soon from App Store.